Phofest & Taste of Taiwan

Event Summary: Phofest & Taste of Taiwan

Nov. 20, 2017

Kelvin Chi Huynh


In the past month, the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) and Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) hosted their popular “food” events in which VSA hosted their semi-annual event so-called “Phofest” and TSA had their annual event called “Taste of Taiwan”. Programs such as these are quite popular due to their relatively cheap price and close location to grounds which allows both events to be accessible to almost anyone. Another great aspect of these events is that they promote cultural awareness to the university’s community. Vietnamese pho has become a very popular Vietnamese dish and the Taiwanese braised pork noodles are also on the rise. These events have allowed students, staff, and strangers alike to come together to have a taste of these spectacular cuisines as well as introduce them to the Vietnamese and Taiwanese culture! Next time you are in the mood for something new to eat or want to savor your tastes buds with Taiwanese or Vietnamese food, keep an eye out for the next TSA/VSA event that offers food!