Where Do We Move From Here: A Teach-in on Barriers for Low-Income Students

Event Summary: A Teach-in on Barriers for Low-Income Students

Oct. 26, 2017

Raufay Abbasi


The speaker very methodically broke down the barriers that low-income students face and revealed additional factors that I had not thought of before. The most insightful knowledge I personally gained from this event were the array of barriers that exist once these students are able to make it to college. Typically, many of us may think that once students of low-socioeconomic background get into college they are set and free of the constraints that existed before they made it to college. But this is far from the truth as new challenges arise during their college career that they must contend with as they try to succeed and climb up the socioeconomic ladder. Lastly, it was humbling to realize how many advantages are conferred if you’re blessed enough to be of a stronger socioeconomic background. We often don't reflect on the many external factors that attribute to our success, and that was humbling. I highly encourage students to attend future events and talks hosted by UFUSED.