Funding policy

The goals of the Minority Rights Coalition include providing a network of support for its constituent organizations, and that includes financial support. We want our organizations to be able to host events that are successful because we know that each exec board puts a lot of effort into planning events that promote inclusivity, encourage dialogue, celebrate culture, and educate the university at large.

Our goal is with MRC Funding Policy is to serve as a resource for constituent organizations on the MRC Board to make their events financially accessible. However, in order to remain financially stable ourselves and to be equitable to all our constituents, there are criteria for MRC funding:

  • Total request must not exceed $250, one application per organization per semester
    • Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis
  • Must be requested directly by the Finance Chair/Treasurer of a constituent organization in good standing with the MRC
    • For larger organizations, request must come from their exec, not a subcommittee

    • “Good standing” simply means sending a representative to regularly attend MRC Board meetings

    • (For ALC, policy is currently being decided)

  • Must apply to Cultural Programing Board first

    • They are your primary resource, and have members of MRC exec sitting on the board.

    • Plan Application thorough and reach all given word limits on the application

    • CPB does, however, have certain goals in mind that not all events will meet. In that case, apply to MRC but be sure to discuss why your event did not reach the goals of the CPB, and how your event pertains to the goals of the MRC

  • Event must be co-sponsored with MRC

    • Outside of co-sponsorship, no official requirement for target audience

  • Must meet with MRC CFO (Blake Hesson, before event.

    • Blake will be checking to see what other sources you’ve looked at, discussing future options, and figuring out what reimbursement methods work best.

  • At this time, the MRC will not fund non-board organization events

    • However, Blake will be happy to discuss other funding options at UVA that can help to fund your event ( for questions)