executive board


Chair: Evelyn Wang

Contact: mrc.uva.chair@gmail.com

Evelyn (she/her) is the Chair of the Minority Rights Coalition. She is a fourth year majoring in Commerce and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She joined the MRC in her third year and continues to pursue this work due to her passionate belief that coalition building is critical to fighting minority oppression and subjugation. In addition to the MRC, she is a representative on Student Council and President of the Community Honor Fund, a student-run microfinance nonprofit. Evelyn enjoys spending her free time visiting art museums, binge-watching Netflix originals, and smashing the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.



Vice Chair of Advocacy: Raiya Al-Nsour

Contact: mrc.uva.advocacy@gmail.com

Raiya Al-Nsour (she/her) is the Vice Chair of Advocacy for the Minority Rights Coalition. Raiya is a second-year in the College of Arts & Sciences hoping to pursue a major in Government and a minor in Arabic. She joined the MRC due to her passion for rectifying issues of racial and social inequality on Grounds and in Charlottesville. She is especially passionate about minority representation within leadership and academia, as well as advocating for a living wage and affordable housing. In the future, Raiya hopes to pursue a career in civil rights law. In her spare time, Raiya enjoys listening to podcasts, eating at Lemongrass, and spending time with her cats.


Vice Chair of Organizations: Sophie Liao

Contact: mrc.uva.organizations@gmail.com

Sophie Liao (she/her) is a third-year majoring in Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law with a minor in East Asian Studies. As Vice Chair of Organizations, she heads the programming committee which works to foster intersectionality and community between MRC’s nine constituent organization umbrellas. In addition to her involvement with MRC, she serves as a Resident Advisor, Vice Chair of Programming for University Programs Council, and a Madison House tutor. Bonus fun fact: she ran the Charlottesville half marathon and hated every minute of it.


Vice Chair of Unpacking Privilege: Jack Chellman

Contact: mrc.uva.up@gmail.com

Jack (he/him) is the Vice Chair of Unpacking Privilege: MRC’s multicultural sensitivity training program. Jack is a fourth-year doubling in creative writing and Political and Social Thought. Outside of the Minority Rights Coalition, Jack is the Editor-in-Chief of Q* Anthology of Queer Culture, the new literary magazine for LGBTQ-related writing and art. He’s also an Opinion writer for The Cavalier Daily and a member of the Jefferson Society. In his spare time, Jack likes modern dance, writing short stories, and reading science fiction.


Chief Publicity Officer: Sabreena Abedin

Contact: mrc.uva.publicity@gmail.com

Sabreena Abedin (she/her) is the Chief Publicity Officer of the Minority Rights Coalition. She is a fourth-year majoring in Systems Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. Sabreena has previously held publicity positions within the Muslim Students Association, Society of Women Engineers, and Take Back the Night. She is particularly passionate about feminism, especially as it relates to Islam and women in technology. In her free time, she enjoys creating pottery, ice skating, and hiking.


Chief financial Officer: Blake Hesson

Contact: mrc.uva.finance@gmail.com

Blake Hesson (they/them or she/her) is a second-year in the College of Arts and Sciences studying WGS and French. They are currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer for the Minority Rights Coalition. They were introduced to the MRC through their involvement in the Queer Student Union where they served as Finance Chair. In their free time, they enjoy watching YouTube videos and TV shows, and fighting to end transphobia in all of its forms.