Executive board elections

Interested in joining the Minority Rights Coalition? Now is your chance! Apply to be on the executive board or on a committee of the MRC here.

Applications are due March 27 at 11:30 PM. Please contact mrc.uva.organizations@gmail.com with any questions.




Role: acts as spokesperson for the organization and determines the future goals of the organization


  • Set the longterm vision for the MRC and ensure all parts of the organization run smoothly to achieve that vision

  • Lead and create agenda for weekly Executive Meetings and biweekly Board Representative Meetings

  • Meet with UVA administration, external UVA organizations, and Charlottesville leaders, as needed

Vice chair of advocacy


Role: plans advocacy events and campaigns, meets with key stakeholders


  • Organizing protests, marches, and campaigns

  • Ensuring tangible change through policy based plans

  • Meeting with key stakeholders in the UVA and Charlottesville communities

vice chair of community affairs

Contact mrc.uva.community@gmail.com with questions

Role: bridges advocacy between UVA and Charlottesville organizations


  • Attends weekly meetings of Charlottesville organizations

  • Serves as the UVA student liaison to the Human Rights Commission, an advisory body to City Council

  • Advocates for UVA minority rights in greater Charlottesville

  • Advocates for the needs of greater Charlottesville at UVA

Vice Chair of organizations


Role: handles programming and daily logistics as well as inter-coalition events


  • Ensuring the daily activities of the MRC run smoothly: creating meeting minutes, sending out emails, facilitating communication with the Board

  • Organizing internal MRC events

  • Overseeing external cosponsorships with the MRC and supplying resources (e.g. catering, invited speakers/panelists, communicating with the Chief Publicity Officer(s) in regards to advertising the event, space reservation for events, etc.)

  • Running UBE and MRC elections/endorsements proceedings

  • Booking spaces for meetings and events and keeping the MRC Calendar up-to-date

vice chair of education


Role: develops and executes Unpacking Privilege programming and manages related educational content


  • Develop and present Unpacking Privilege programming

  • Work with external groups on educational reform initatives

  • Manage educational campaigns on Grounds

chief publicity officer


Role: advertise MRC activities, communicate with constituent organizations, and maintain MRC branding


  • Create and distribute MRC advertising and branding materials

  • Manage MRC website and blog

  • Maintain MRC's guest column in the Cavalier Daily

  • Oversee recruitment and Days on the Lawn publicity

  • Create and distribute MRC merchandise

Chief financial officer


Role: handles funding and budgets


  • Manage the yearly budget and update funding policy as needed

  • Secure funding for MRC events

  • Manage funding requests from constituent organizations