co-sponsorship integrity statement

Event must serve the central purpose of engaging, educating, or advocating on issues regarding one or more minority identities. If your event is accepted, you must execute the event as it was described in your proposal in good faith. Organizations who fail to execute their accepted event as it is described in the co-sponsorship proposal submission will forfeit their right to request future co-sponsorships.

Events must be:

  • Income Accessibility Ally compliant - link
  • Accessible to those with dietary restrictions (includes vegan & gluten-free options)
  • Disability accessible - link
  • Transportation accessible
    • Accessible by public transit and/or other free transportation to and from the event
  • Use gender pronouns when introducing speakers, writing name tags, etc. 
  • Includes accessibility to gender inclusive bathrooms - link
  • Must include minority voices in the planning and execution process
  • Uphold all applicable University policies and guidelines, Commonwealth of Virginia, and Federal laws


This cosponsorship is with the Minority Rights Coalition, and NOT with the Asian Leaders Council, Black Student Alliance, Latinx Student Alliance, Middle Eastern Leadership Council, Muslim Student Association, Native American Student Alliance, Queer Student Union, and United for Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity. Organizations are STRONGLY recommended to contact these individual organizations at:


Eligibility requirements are subject to change at the discretion of the Minority Rights Coalition Executive Board. The MRC shall develop any forms, procedures or guidelines deemed reasonable and necessary to accomplish its mission in a timely and efficient manner. Those procedures or guidelines shall include, but not be limited to, funding eligibility guidelines, procedures for funding requests, and programming guidelines. The MRC has sole discretion in determining what proportion of available funds shall be designated for MRC-initiated programs versus the funding of requests proposed to the MRC by members of the University community. The Chief Financial Officer shall be responsible for ensuring fund accountability and record-keeping for all expenditures.


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